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Saturday, January 22, 2011

January Weather: Sunny and Minus 8 degrees!

January in the North Country.  If it isn't dropping snow by the foot it is Arctic cold.  This picture is from 8:30 am.

It is beautifully sunny and has warmed up to -8F.  The expected high today is +2F, and we expect -27F tonight!  Hopefully it will warm up to the teens next week!

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  1. Found another downside to working in the (relative - 15-20 above) cold. Josh came over, and we played around a bit, and I was pretty comfortable. But then I came inside and warmed up, and I must have whacked my hand pretty good against something, because it's a bit swollen, really sore in one spot, and generally achy. Didn't even feel it outside. Moral of the story, don't bother going inside, just keep working ;).