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Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Ice Harvest at Hanford Mills is coming up!

The Hanford Mills Museum is a great living history museum in East Meridith, NY.  It has preserved a family's Home, Farm, General Store, Post office, and Water Powered Sawmill, Grist Mill, and Woodworking shop.

Every February they have the Ice Harvest.  Blacksmith friends and I staff the Blacksmith Shop during the event.  This year we will be making hinges, and working on axes.

Hundreds of visitors help cut ice blocks and haul them out of the water.  Then wooden work sleds are used to haul them to the Ice House.   They are stored in the Ice House for use in the summer. 

The ice is used all summer.  One use is with the Children's Summer day camp.  They use the ice and the Ice Cream Churn to make gallon after gallon of sweet ice cream.  Pretty good use of that ice on a hot summer's day!

So, if you want to have fun and experience an ice harvest, go to Hanford Mills Feb. 6th after 10 am.

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  1. Mr Kellogg - are you still running this blog ? I stumbled onto it while looking for blacksmith classes and see that you are in the North Country of NYS. Do you offer classes or know of any classes in Northern Ny ?