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Monday, September 23, 2013

German Friends at the Blacksmith Shop!

Four great friends of our family visited from Germany this summer.  They returned for a 25 year reunion of their first trip to Watertown.  Paul, Norbert, Andreas, and Burkhard came as student Engineers to the Watertown Air Brake Company in 1989.

They returned with their families.  We had a great reunion with them and the Sheen family, other Watertown friends that now live out of the area.

Everyone came to our house for a great party.  There was food, swimming, kayaking in the river, and lots of conversation.  It was wonderful to see everyone and to meet in person everyone's families!

We even got to do some Blacksmithing!  I had some wonderful Apprentices!

We are fortunate to have Norbert's daughter, Lena, staying with us for a couple of months.  Welcome Lena!

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