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Friday, October 25, 2013

Moving Heavy Things by Jan Adkin; a book review for Blacksmiths.

Moving Heavy Things.  Sound like the story of my life.  Almost everything in the Blacksmith Shop is heavy, rusty, hot, and possibly sharp.

Jan Adkin's book is filled with great tips on how things have traditionally be moved using muscle, simple tools, and planning.  "Never lift what you can drag, never drag what you can roll, never roll what you can leave."(Adkins, P. 8)

It is being republished by Woodenboat Publications, publishers of Woodenboat Magazine and many fine books relating to wooden boat restoration, building, and use.

The illustrations have all the charm and clarity of those by Antiquarian and Author Eric Sloan.  The book combines a story about two guys in the boat yard trying to move heavy things with tips from the past on how to get things done!  The book is short and not an instruction manual.

It is clever, fun, and full of traditional wit and wisdom.  "What goes up comes down heavier!"(Adkins, P. 11)

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