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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting Ready for more Blacksmithing!

After a long pause I plan to post more regularly.  There are a lot of thing afoot at the Kellogg & Sons Blacksmith Shop.  Namely a new shop building.  A nice little 10 x 18 shop will be at the end of my driveway soon.  That will let me do more work at home instead of driving to my larger and less weatherproof shop.

The new shop required a load of gravel to make a base.  The site overlooks the Black River just before it enters Lake Ontario.  I'll have a good view, that is for sure.

The man that moved the gravel for me was quick and accurate with his skid-steer loader!  I've rented them before to do similar jobs, but he did the job for less money and in a fraction of the time.  Sometimes it is smart to not do it yourself!

I'll have some work to do on the shop.  New doors, add a woodstove chimney, and make some shelves.  Then to start moving the tools.  I have accumulated more than enough to use in my old shop and the smaller new one.  I'll just have to start moving heavy stuff, like anvils and hammers.  Now which of my friends have Pickup trucks?  Hmmm!

I'm looking forward to setting up the new shop, making new tools, and getting some product lines out for sale.

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