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Monday, December 19, 2011

New Blacksmith Shop building here!

My prefabricated, Amish made shed is now on site.  Now I can start making it into a small Blacksmith shop at my home.  The larger shop is windy and unheated.  That doesn't work too well in North Country winters.  It is hard to work in the shop when it gets below 20 F.

Delivery truck pic.

The building was purchased from North Country Storage Barns.  They were pretty good to work with and allow you to customize the building.  Size, number of windows, roofing material, and stain color are some of the choices.  Technically my building is a Horse Run-in Shed.  I think it will make a good little shop for hand work projects.

It came on a hydraulically adjustable trailer.  Pretty neat!  I have trailer envy, go figure!  The trailer can adjust itself for tilt, camber, extend and retract, and tilt. My favorite feature is that it can drive itself straight sideways!  The deliverer was able to back it in, set it down on an angle, and swing it into position 90 degrees from how it was on the trailer.  The trailer is all controlled by a wireless remote control.  Putting the building in place didn't take 5 minutes.

Now I need to make barn doors.  And hinges.  And a traditional latch.  And shelves.  And... well you get the picture.  Lots to do.  My driveway overlooks the Black river just before it meets Lake Ontario.  I'll always have a pleasant view.  

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