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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Valley of Fire!

On Vacation I visited Nevada. One drive took us through the Valley of Fire! The State park has remarkable desert scenery. Stark red cliffs. Torturous canyons. Shattered mountainsides.

I particularly like seeing the ancient Petroglyphs. Amazing.  These were create over centuries on the side of a cliff.  The designs were carved into the dark oxidized rock.

There is a hunter with an Atl-Atl hunting Mountain Goats in the top of the picture below.

Only a mile away were the remains of petrified trees.  These trees were part of a forest that was here far before the Egyptians built the Pyramids.  Covered by mud for thousands of years the wood was replaced by iron rich minerals and became rock.

The red cliffs were once sand dune up to 2,000 feet deep. They turned to sandstone and were covered by a sea. Then iron rich minerals stained them red. That is my Blacksmithing content- Iron rich sand.  Iron has stained the rocks red.  The hills are full of sweeping curves and holes.  This is a natural sandstone arch.

Bec and I were out there for our 20th anniversary.

A good trip into desert.  It sure doesn't look much like the Adirondacks!

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